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Krajowa Giełda Wierzytelności

is a modern economic information register with receivables sale option. The System is based on debt sale offer publication and receivables trade brokerage. Thanks to open formula debtors' data is available via internet and mobile telephones.

It's worth to reach for verified solutions, when  debtor does not pay. See how to become KGW Client and auction receivables. Benefit from every way of getting your money back!

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Check your Contractor before signing a contract or making out an invoice. See how many possibilities KGW verification system gives. You have right to know your contractor's situation. Check it in KGW.

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Europejska Grupa Finansowa, KGW system administrator is supported by one of the biggest investment firms, Garnet Capital Advisors, LLC.

Garnet is interested in gaining information from KGW which enables receivables purchase. It means that auctioning receivables in KGW is a real opportunity of getting a part or the whole amount of indebtedness via receivables sale.

The system guarantees full anonymity of seller and buyer. They communicate via e-mails.

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The knowledge of current situation of a contractor is at the basis of safe business. It is especially useful when verifying the credibility while crediting, leasing and bidding.

Preventive options of KGW (with taking into special consideration checking) was highly rated by independent consulting company BIG-Consulting, which was conducting detailed tests and researches of other register at the same time.

The result gained during the tests places KGW on the top of the list of similar IT solutions on the market and such institutions as BIG-s and BIK.

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