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We make Creditors' lives easy

Attention! Do not ignore the fact of being added to KGW!

If you do not repay your debt with due date given on Notification, your data will be published in the system and everyone will see it.

Here you can confirm the information of being added to KGW system.

If you received Notification, it means that your creditor added you to KGW system.
Type your NIP and 16-number password printed on notification.

What to do if do not agree with your charge?

If you do have any basis on which adding your data to the system seems to be wrong or ungrounded, you can raise your objection. To raise objection log in the following form and use proper option in Debtor’s Panel.

Remember that it is your creditor who decides of suppression of the offer. So if you do not have any proof, better repay your debt. Auctioningn receivable on sale on KGW may result in refusal of being credited or getting leasing, but above all may negatively influence your company’s financial reliability.