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Web connection is essential to use KGW system.

  •  System and KGW web-pages cooperate with the following types of internet browsers:
  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer (recommended);
  2. Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or newer;
  3. Opera 7.11 or newer;
  4. Netscape 7.02 or newer.
  • In browser's settings keep active or activate the following options:
  1. Javascript active;
  2. active cookies.
  • During work with KGW System we recommend our Clients:
  1. not to use cascade style for KGW web pages;
  2. not to block pictures;
  3. during work not to use "back" and "forward" navigation keys used on previously visited sites.
  • The best technical parametres for images in KGW system are as follows:
  1. minimum resolution: 1024*768 pixels;
  2. colour pallet: 32 bits.
  • During work with KGW sites additional, free software might be useful:
  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 lor newer;
  2. Macromedia Flash Plugin included in browser.
  • Apart from elements mentioned above KGW does not recommend any specific, additional software or system solutions.
  • We prepared special, automatic data-exchange protocoles for Clients interested in using automatic form of KGW services: DebtApi and Panorama 2. With its help KGW system may be integrated into accounting systems what facilitates and speeds up the work with the register. We present the list of accounting software producers which may be integrated with KGW system: dGCS, SOFTLAB, PROBIT, PSI.
    Please contact Customer Service Centre if you are interested in massive, automatic data exchange.